Week of 3/2-3/6

Hello Families!

I hope you are enjoying this rather blustery weekend! This past week, your amazing 6 grader took part in a full day retreat. I was so impressed at each of their responses, how they opened up, and the maturity and self awareness each student showed. This group of children is such a blessing to work with!

On March 20th, we will be holding parent-student-teacher conferences. These conferences are scheduled through the classroom teacher. In the next week, I will be contacting some of you to meet and discuss supporting your child’s success in middle school and beyond! I am very much looking forward to these fruitful conversations! I also invite your child to be attend as well.

We have a short week this week that includes Chapter 20 Spelling as well as the beginning of our persuasive essay unit. We will also be packing food for meals with Generation Alive!


  • Ch 20 Spelling Pre Test (below in documents section)
  • Ch 20 Spelling Practice Assigned
  • Convince Me I’m Wrong in class activity
  • Is Xing Xing her own hero? Brain storming with evidence


  • Ch 20 Spelling Practice Due
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Is Xing Xing her own hero? Brain storming with evidence
    • What evidence do we have that she is her own hero?
    • What evidence do we have that she is not her own hero?

3/4 **Flying Goat is sponsoring our Generation Alive Efforts by donating a portion of their sales on this day**

  • Spelling Game
  • Persuasive writing word choice
  • Introductory Paragraph


  • Ch 20 Spelling Test
  • Persuasive writing word choice
  • Body Paragraphs

3/6 **Teacher In-Service (Math Focus).  ELC, Montessori, and K-8 closed

Thank you for all you do to partner with me in supporting your child’s development. Everyday is a joy with these awesome kiddos!