Newsletter January 21st

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News



January 21, 2020


*We have our student teacher back with us!  Please welcome Erin Beall again to our classroom.  We are so blessed to have her teaching with us!


*We have MAP testing January 17th-22nd.  Please try not to schedule appointments during that time-frame.  Also try and have your children well rested for their test.




*Reading Log due Monday

*Math Log due Monday

*Math Sheet due Monday

*Cursive Sheet due Monday

*Spelling Test Friday


Upcoming Events:

  • January 17th-22nd, MAP Testing
  • January 20th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School
  • January 26th, Parish Appreciation Mass at St. Al’s Church, either 8:30 or 11:00
  • January 26th-February 1st, Catholic Schools Week
  • January 31st, Friends and Family All School Mass
  • February 12th, International Potluck Dinner, 6:00 p.m., cafeteria
  • February 13th, No School, Teacher In-service (ELC Open)
  • February 14th, No School, Teacher In-service (ELC Closed)
  • February 17th, No School, President’s Day
  • February 26th, Ash Wednesday Mass, 12:15 at Church


Curricular Information:

Math:  We continued to compare fractions during Number Corner.  We created numberline fraction strips that we could use to compare fractions.  We used the symbols, > < = to compare our fractions.  We also learned more subtraction strategies to use when we subtract larger numbers.  We worked on estimation as well.  Ms. Beall was able to pull student groups to focus on math skills.


Religion:  We continued our study of the Trinity.  We added information to our pictorial chart of a shamrock.  We also had our all school Epiphany Mass on Thursday.  After Mass, we had a wonderful discussion about Father’s homily and the Gospel.  We learned that we are to love others as Jesus did.  We also learned who the three Wisemen were and why Herod was only concerned with himself.


Social Studies:  We learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  by reading a story and having a great discussion about his life and what he peacefully fought for.  I was able to share a video of pictures of my trip to Atlanta a few years ago.  I was fortunate to tour his birth house and the church where he preached.  The children loved seeing these pictures and hearing about my visit!


Science:  We now have new critters in our classroom!  We began our life cycles unit by studying mealworms.  Ask your child what a mealworm is and what it will turn into.


Language Arts:  Both Kelly Dvorak and I are assessing the children on their reading skills right now.  While we have been assessing, Ms. Beall has been able to pull guided reading groups.  We are so blessed to have three teachers working together to support your amazing children!


During writing, we began to learn how to organize our opinion pieces using a four square.  We are slowly writing our first opinion piece.  We began using our organizers to start our first paragraphs.  In Grammar, we continued to look at verbs of being.  We also learned about verb tense.