Jan. 21-24

mac news

OK all, we have a new competition! For Catholic School’s week our school is collecting (used) coffee mugs for the House of Charity. The House of Charity serves the poor, vulnerable, and homeless, people in Spokane. I am a weekly volunteer and I see the needs they have. Used mugs are an easy way to help. In order to WIN this class competition, I am asking that you check in with your co-workers, neighbors, and friends for donations! I am excited to see the impact this collection will have.

The math homework this week may be challenging for the first graders. Feel free to skip or give them lots of support. We did many math problems with ages in class. Finding the difference between two ages is a subtraction problem. Have fun!

Conversation starters:

Name some character traits of pirates.

Did you laugh today?

What was your best part of the day? Your worst?

How many times were you able to jump rope in PE?

Have a great week,

Pat Mills