Week of 1/21-1/24

Hello Families!

I hope you are enjoying this slushy Sunday! This upcoming week will be business as usual, aside from having the day off on Monday; however, we have a lot coming up in the next two weeks with Catholic Schools’ Week from 1/26-2/1. This includes a very special opportunity:

Catholic Schools’ Week Mass at the Cathedral

Our 6th grade class was selected to attend the special Catholic Schools’ Week Mass at the Cathedral on 1/29! This excellent bunch of kiddos is going to do an amazing job representing our school, and I am so excited they have been chosen. They will need to wear their uniform on 1/29, but they have the option to change into Themed Free Dress upon their return to St. Als. As a special treat, we will have a class-wide free dress with a theme and on a date of 6th Grade’s choosing. Congratulations 6th Grade on this tremendous honor! Permission slips will be sent home on Tuesday, January 21st and need to be turned in by Tuesday, January 28th.

Special Spelling Retake Opportunity!

Additionally, I wanted you to know about an opportunity I have give the class on their Ch 13 Spelling Test. If they are not happy with their grade, students have an opportunity to retest (ti and ci words are really difficult!) on Thursday if they do the following:

1. Sign up!

2. Share their study plan with me, being open to study suggestions I have for them.

3. Take the test on Thursday. I will keep their higher score of the two.

Other important events this week include:

1/21 Fire Drill

  • Ch 15 Spelling Pre Test (words sent as email and available in documents on this page)
  • Spelling practice assigned


  • Noun Review – Collective Nouns tips and tricks
  • Bound Character Development Map
  • China – Religions


  • Spelling Game
  • Generation Alive Assembly from 2:00-2:45
  • Bound Character Development Map


  • Ch 15 Spelling Test
  • **No Bound Quiz**
  • Imagery in Bound
  • Similes and Metaphors in Bound

Lastly, I would like to remind you that our 6th Grade Retreat will be on 2/28. If you are available to drive to and/or from the retreat site, please email me for more information.

Thank you for sharing your incredible children with St Als!