Newsletter November 25th

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


November 25, 2019


*Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy a wonderful time with family!


*Your donations to Operation Christmas Child are so much appreciated!  Many children in poverty-stricken countries will benefit from your generosity.


*The students are able to wear an ugly Christmas sweater or socks with their uniforms this Wednesday, November 27th.  This school-wide theme day is to celebrate our upcoming Christmas program on December 17th at 6:30.



*Arrays in Your World:  The children have been learning about arrays as a strategy for multiplication.  Last week, we noticed that we have arrays all around us!  We looked at our classroom and found several arrays.  An example is our windowpanes.  They are organized into 2 panes tall and 4 panes wide for a total of 8 windowpanes (2 x 4 = 8).  We thought it would be fun as our only homework for this week to discover arrays in our world (at home, in the store, in restaurants, etc).  I have attached a recording sheet for their arrays.  This sheet is due the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Let me know if you have questions.  Have fun exploring arrays!


Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, November 27th, Early Release 12:00 p.m., ELC closes at 3:00 p.m.; Ugly Sweater or Sock Day
  • November 28-29, No School, Thanksgiving Break, ELC closed
  • December 9th, Immaculate Conception Mass, 12:15
  • December 13th, Ugly Sweater or Sock Day
  • December 17th, 6:30 p.m., K-8 Christmas Program
  • December 19th, Advent Reconciliation grades 3-8
  • December 23-January 3, Christmas Break
  • January 6th, School Resumes


Curricular Information:

Math:  We had a lot of math learning this week!  We learned how to round numbers to the nearest ten.  We also explored arrays and numberlines as strategies to use for multiplication.  During Number Corner, we continued to add and compare fractions.  Hopefully you enjoyed playing the array game that came home last week with your child!


Religion:  We continued learning about the parts of Mass.  We learned about the Preparation of the Gifts, the Eucharistic Prayer, and Communion.  We also practiced for our Chapel Mass we had on Thursday.  Mass was wonderful and we had the best discussion afterwards!  I asked the students prior to Mass to observe what we have learned during our Religion unit on parts of the Mass.  They observed so much!  When you go to Mass as a family, encourage your child to tell you about what is happening.


 Science:  We learned more about the Water Cycle.  We also learned the difference between climate and weather.  We enjoyed studying the different climates around the world while we were in the technology lab this week.  We explored the website, to learn about climate.  Look for pictures of this fun activity on our website in the technology folder.  Your children may want to check out that website at home!  We also watched a video this week which further explained climate vs. weather.  Ask your child to tell you the difference between the two.


Language Arts:  We reviewed and took a noun quiz over all types of nouns, including proper and plural nouns.  Look for these quizzes to come home with the report cards in the beginning of December.  We also enjoyed our writing and reading group time as well!