October 28th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


October 28, 2019


*Our class is scheduled to lead the All Saints/All Souls Mass at the parish this Friday, November 1st at 12:15.  Please join us if you can!  Some students have speaking parts in the Mass and have brought their parts home to practice.  Students must be in uniform for Mass.


*Thank you to all of you who volunteered for Hallowfest and are donating items/volunteering at our class Halloween party.  You are appreciated!  These events couldn’t happen without you.


*Last week we went to the computer lab and played the math game, Prodigy.  I have sent the class code home with your children so they can play at home.  This is a wonderful game that provides math practice at their level.  It reinforces the skills they are learning in class.  I also believe it helps them when it comes to taking the MAP test in math.




*Reading Log (Please have your child read at least 20 minutes every night either to you or

independently.   You may also choose to read to your child too.  Please mark down the minutes read on

the log.)

Due the following Monday

**There is a parent signature line at the top of the sheet.  Please sign.**



*Math Log (This is located on the other side of the reading log.  Please either help your child learn math

facts quickly by quizzing them or your child may practice math facts independently too.  Please try and

have your child practice math facts every night for at least 10 minutes.  Record the minutes on the math

log.  Start with addition and subtraction and then onto multiplication.  By the end of 3rd grade, the

children are required to fluently know their multiplication facts to 10.)

Due the following Monday

**There is a parent signature line at the top of the sheet.  Please sign.**


*Math Sheet (This is double-sided and reflects our learning in class.)

Due the following Monday


*For #4 on the back side of the math sheet, please have your child draw a math picture that would help them solve the problem.  We have not yet talked about division so writing a division problem would be foreign to them.  We are talking about repeated addition to solve multiplication problems only at this point of the year.  In example, your child could draw a picture of 3 circles (representing the children) with 9 dots in each (representing the flowers).  Let me know if you have questions.


*Spelling (The words are attached for the test next Monday.  Your child can study any way and

the sheet does not have to be returned to me.)  I’m  giving the test next Monday because of a late Halloween night and All Saints’ Mass.




Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, October 31, Halloween Party, black and orange free dress
  • Friday, November 1st, All Saints/All Souls Mass, 12:15 at church, (Third grade is in charge of this Mass. Please join us if you are able.)
  • Thursday and Friday, November 7 & 8, Conferences, No School
  • Monday, November 11th, Veteran’s Day, No School
  • Friday, November 22nd, Picture Retakes
  • Wednesday, November 27th, Early Release 12:00 p.m., ELC closes at 3:00 p.m.
  • November 28-29, No School, Thanksgiving Break, ELC closed



Curricular Information:

Math:  We spent time in the beginning of the week studying for our unit 1 test we took on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we learned a new math game that helped us subtract larger numbers and on Friday, we solved math riddles to create a number line.  We also watched a funny video before our math test that highlighted angles.  The kids understood the jokes because they now understand obtuse and acute angles.  Thank you Duffy family for sharing this with us!


Religion:  We had a successful Monday Morning Prayer!  We shared our knowledge of the Parable of Talents with the rest of the school.  Look for photos on my website.  We also finished our Personal Safety unit and began preparing for our All Saints/All Souls Mass.


Social Studies:  We continued working on our continent maps.  Look for these in the hallway soon!


Science:  We learned all about thermometers and temperature this week.  We added the word, thermometer, to our science dictionaries, as well as created our own thermometers.  We also performed an experiment in which we measured different temperatures of water with thermometers.  We watched how the mercury went to different spots on each thermometer.  We recorded our learning in our science journals.


Reading:  We continued learning about monitoring our own comprehension.  We have been discussing what strategies to use when we are not understanding.  The students met in their guided reading groups as well as word study groups this week too!


Writing:  We continued learning about plural nouns.  We also learned about how to make our writing better by adding dialogue.