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Happy Halloween Week!

Lots going on this week! I want to thank everyone for a great Hallowfest! I tried my best to win my husband a birthday cake at the cake walk but no luck this year. It has been our family tradition to try to win a cake for his birthday for the last 20 years! You win some, you lose some! Thanks for your donations, volunteer hours, and participation!

Our field trip is on Thursday and so is our party and black and orange free dress! Fun times ahead!

Mass is on Friday at 12:15. Mrs. Williams will my sub for the 3 days I will be gone. I will be in Mexico on the Day of the Dead. I can’t wait!

Conversation starters:

Tell one fact about each of the 5 bees we learned about.

What are add zero and make 10 addition math facts?

What is a Holy Spirit moment?

Who do you play with at recess? What do you play?

What is happening in our chapter book Marty Maguire?

Sing one of the Halloween songs.

Have a spooky week!

Pat Mills