Class News

February 10, 2020
Mrs. Hirst’s
Class News

With such a short week, there will be no homework this week.

Valentines Day Party
Our Valentines Day Party is scheduled for the Wednesday, February 12th since there is no school on Thursday or Friday. We will decorate bags and kids are welcome to bring and exchange valentines. I have attached a class list for your convenience with this. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Curricular Highlights
Math: We are having our final unit test on fractions and decimals next week. We will then be moving on a unit on place value, the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction, and measurement.
Home Connection: Ask your child to turn a fraction such as ¾ or ½ into a decimal, then have them teach you the way they learned!

Language Arts: We will be starting the novel Hatchet. It tells the story of 13-year-old Brian Robeson and his successful attempt to survive alone in the wilderness. In class we will make a list of only items we would bring with us in our survival kits. We will be reading this book in class; however, students are encouraged to re-read chapters at home.
Home Connection: Make your own list of 10 items you would put in your survival kit, and compare lists with your child.

GU Math Support
Please check out this link for information on free GU math support. I have heard amazing things about this and seen many students who attend come back to school with increased skills in math, as well as confidence. Students should bring their bridges student book, so they have a focus to work on. They will be starting soon, and you need to register prior to attending, please see the link below:

Auction 2020
Our annual auction will take place on Friday, April 17.

Important Auction Info:
• Family auction item procurement deadline to be entered in our $200 tuition credit drawing is February 20
• Final auction item procurement deadline is March 19
• All families are encouraged to donate items worth $100 retail value
• Auction sponsor opportunities will be available again this year—SOON
• All auction procurement documents will be posted on the website
• Contact Cami Carlson or Aleisha Webb if you have questions
o [email protected] [email protected]
Email is the best way to contact me to set up a meeting to address any concerns. If there are questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected] to set up a meeting.
Dates to Calendar
2/11 Fire Drill 2:35
2/12 International Dinner
2/13 K-8 In-service Day
2/14 K-8 In-service Day; ELC Parent/Teacher Conferences (no childcare)
2/17 President’s Day – School Closed