Oct. 21-25

mac news

Wow! I can’t believe Hallowfest is this week! The kiddos are super excited! Please remember to turn in 2 bags of candy donations to the office. We are also accepting new books for the cake/book walk AND awesomely decorated cakes and treats for the cake walk!

No GLAD homework this week!

A few weeks ago, we worked on addition “left over facts.” Please make flashcards with the following addition problems and practice them regularly. These problems are more difficult to remember and don’t have easy strategies to help. 7+4, 7+5, 8+4, 8+5, 8+6

We will conclude our GLAD unit on bees next week at Gonzaga’s commercial bee hives. We will also sing and dance a little in our costumes in the atrium. A simple, easy to put on and take off costume is needed on that day.


  • This Friday is fall sports free dress with uniform bottoms
  • Halloween is black and orange
  • Halloween a simple costume is needed for our field trip

Conversation starters:

How are the worms doing in Marty Maguire?

What math tub did you choose? why?

What small moment story are you writing in Writer’s Workshop?

See you on Friday!

Pat Mills