Sept. 23-27

mac news

Glad homework is due tomorrow.

*Newsflash* I had a misprint on the permission slip. It is Wed. of next week not Tue.

1st grade parents: Please look at the MAC class handbook that went home. This has directions to add your contact information to the REMIND app that I use for class. For instance, I sent a note on the app tonight about the mistake.

We are settling into our classroom routines! Thanks for your support! Feel free to remind your child to turn in their Red Folder by Friday.

Conversation starters for the week:

From Mystery Doug, How many different types of apples are there?

What did you write in your Tiny Notebook?

What games did you play in PE?

What are you typically doing at 3:00 pm? 7am? 10 pm?

How do you play make the sum game in math tubs?

Happy Autumn,

Pat Mills