Newsletter September 23

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


September 23, 2019


*Your sweet children earned a class celebration for being so wonderful!  We are going to have a pajama day this Friday (September 27th).  They may wear their pajamas to school all day with their tennis shoes (no slippers).  Please make sure the pajamas are appropriate for our school day.  The children may also bring one item from home (either a blanket or stuffed animal).  We will enjoy reading with these items in our pajamas on Friday!


*MAP testing for 3rd grade is during the window of September 27 through October 3rd.  Please try not to schedule absences during that time-frame if you are able.  I totally understand if your child is sick.  We will make up any missed tests if a child is absent.  Also, please make sure your child gets enough rest during that week.  Thank you!



*Reading Log (Please have your child read at least 20 minutes every night either to you or

independently.   You may also choose to read to your child too.  Please mark down the minutes read on

the log.)

Due the following Monday


*Math Log (This is located on the other side of the reading log.  Please either help your child learn math

facts quickly by quizzing them or your child may practice math facts independently too.  Please try and

have your child practice math facts every night for at least 10 minutes.  Record the minutes on the math

log.  Start with addition and subtraction and then onto multiplication.  By the end of 3rd grade, the

children are required to fluently know their multiplication facts to 10.

Due the following Monday


*Math Sheet (This is double-sided and reflects our learning in class.)

Due the following Monday


*Spelling (The words are attached for the test Friday of this week.  Your child can study any way and

the sheet does not have to be returned to me.

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, September 26th, 10:15, Mass of the Holy Spirit at St. Al’s Church (Please walk with us if you are able. Meet in our room about 9:45 if you are walking with us.)
  • Friday, September 27th, Pajama Day
  • September 27-October 3, MAP testing for 3rd grade
  • Thursday, October 3rd, 2:30, Blessing of the Animals
  • Friday, October 4th, Diocesan In-service, No School
  • Wednesday, October 9th, Individual Student Pictures
  • Thursday, October 10th, 10:15, All School Mass
  • Friday, October 11th, Teacher In-service, No School

Curricular Information:

Math:  During Number Corner, we continued to learn two multiplication strategies (loop and group and ratio table).  We love sharing our thinking about the patterns we are seeing on our calendar grid.  During our main lessons, we worked on coloring in our subtraction tables and learning about subtraction strategies we can use.  We used our math journals to reflect our thinking a lot this week.


Religion:  We continued our study of the Old Testament, as well as explored part of the New Testament.  We are learning the differences between the two parts of the Bible and how we can learn from their stories.  We learned that Jesus often taught using parables and we can still learn from his teachings today.  We took a good look at the “Parable of Talents” and had a wonderful discussion about how we all need to use our gifts that God gave us.  We also discussed how we each have our own unique gifts.


Social Studies:  We began our study of map skills this week by reading “Me on the Map.”  We made simple maps of our rooms at home.  Later in the week, we learned about legends on maps.  We added legends to our own maps of our rooms.  We also enjoyed looking at old maps that Mrs. Manfred has.


Science:  We began our study of water and climate this week.  We enjoyed reading a big book on water, as well as making some predictions about water.  We also shared our schema about what we know about water and climate.


Reading:  We continued with our “I-Pick” lessons, learning how to choose books that are just right for us.  We also began studying our first comprehension strategy (making connections).  We learned that “Reading is Thinking.”  We enjoyed listening to the book, “How Many Days to America?” and watching Mrs. Manfred share her thinking of the story by writing it down on sticky notes.  We then practiced this strategy by writing our own thinking on sticky notes during independent reading.


Writing:  We enjoyed hearing the story “Come on Rain.”  We learned that we have mentor authors who, when they write, can make movies in our minds.  Karen Hesse is the author of this story and uses descriptive words to tell her story.  The children then practiced using descriptive words in their own true stories.  Ask your child to tell you about the book, “Come on Rain.”  We also continued to study words and nouns.