Grade Check Information

On next Monday September 23, we will begin our weekly Monday Grade Checks with a “practice” week of grade checks. On Mondays following next week’s “Practice Grade Check,” a student who is receiving an F in the “daily accountability” category of any class, or an F in any class without categories (such as electives and religion), is considered ineligible. When a student is found to be ineligible in any class, parents will receive a Grade Check email on Tuesday morning. Accountability measures a student’s ability to follow directions, turn assignments in on time, put their name on their work, and ask for help when needed. Students must have missing work for the week turned in by Friday in order for those assignments to be graded and entered on TeacherEase before grade checks are conducted on Mondays. When a student is ineligible, he or she may not participate in school-sponsored activities such as athletic games, some performing arts events, and school/diocesan dances for the week. Students should still attend practices or rehearsals. For more information on eligibility, see our Student Parent Handbook on the website under “About St. Al’s” and then “Handbook & Documents.”

If you have any difficulties or questions regarding TeacherEase, the website where you can check your child’s grades and missing work and also email teachers, then please let Mrs. Holland know.