May 20th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


May 20, 2019

*Please continue to turn in your Fund Run pledges.  The children can wear uniform bottoms and a Fund Run t-shirt this Friday for our assembly.

*Our class is in charge of Monday Morning Prayer on the 28th.  Please have your child to school on time that day so we can set up.  Join us if you can.

*We will continue our homework until the end of May, however, we are all done with our spelling tests.  This will be the last packet of the year.


  • Cursive: Please encourage your child to try their best with neat writing. (Due Monday)
  • Math: Double-sided sheet (Due Monday)
  • Math Log: Please continue to have your child practice math facts (especially multiplication facts) each night.  It is so important for them to know their facts quickly. (Due Monday)
  • Reading Log: Please read for 15 minutes each night. (Due Monday)
  • Spelling Words: Done Testing!


Upcoming Events:


  • May 24th, Fund Run Assembly (Uniform bottoms, Fund Run shirt)
  • May 27th, Memorial Day, No School
  • May 28th, Monday Morning Prayer
  • May 30th, Fund Run t-shirt reveal assembly
  • May 31st, Fund Run
  • June 12th, Field Day and Talent Show
  • June 13th, Last Day of School, Early Release after Mass



Curricular Information:

Math:  We had a blast working with angles and shapes on geo-boards!  We learned some crazy shape names.  Ask your child what a decagon, undecagon, and dodecagon are.  We also continued learning about area and equivalent fractions during Number Corner.  We took some time to study for our year end test as well.  We will take it this week.


Religion:  We began our last Religion unit of the school year.  We are taking time to learn more about the Sacraments in our church.  We learned about Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist this week.  We also enjoyed attending Marian Mass to celebrate Mary and all of our mothers.


Science:  We learned about conductors and insulators in circuits.  We took objects to see if they conducted electricity in the circuits they built.  We then added the words, conductor and insulator, to our personal dictionaries.  Ask your child what they discovered conducted electricity.  Another fun experiment we did was mystery boards.  We completed hidden circuits using mystery boards.  Fun!


We also had the most amazing opportunity to watch the live feed of astronaut Anne McClain talking to students at Gonzaga Prep from the Space Station.  It was awesome to watch this live interview and to also see how they live up in space.


Social Studies:  We learned more about Chief Spokane and discovered that he is buried at the entrance of the Greenwood Cemetery in town.  We also learned about James Glover, the Father of Spokane.  We added to our pictorial charts.


Language Arts:  We continued learning about subjects, predicates, and verbs.  We also finished our Spokane House essays and worked on our cursive.  I have been reading various chapter books throughout this school year to your children.  It is one of my most favorite times of the day.  They usually beg me not to stop because they want to hear more.  We just began our last book, The Trumpet of the Swan.  They are already hooked on this beloved classic.