Newsletter May 13th-17th

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


May 13, 2019

*Our field trip to the Spokane House was amazing!  Thank you to the parents who took time to come with us.  I am very appreciative of your help!

*Our 33rd annual Fund Run is coming up on May 31! This is a super fun community event and an important fundraiser for our school.  Please continue to turn in pledge forms and money collected.  Triple ticket week ends this Thursday the 16th at 9:00 a.m.  We will have another assembly this Friday.  Kids can wear fund run shirts and uniform bottoms.

*We will continue our homework until the end of May, however, we are all done with our spelling tests.


  • Cursive: Please encourage your child to try their best with neat writing. (Due Monday)
  • Math: Double-sided sheet (Due Monday)
  • Math Log: Please continue to have your child practice math facts (especially multiplication facts) each night.  It is so important for them to know their facts quickly. (Due Monday)
  • Reading Log: Please read for 15 minutes each night. (Due Monday)
  • Spelling Words: Done Testing!
  • Upcoming Events:
  • May 16th, Marian Mass, 10:15
  • May 17th, Fund Run Assembly (Uniform bottoms, Fund Run shirt)
  • May 24th, Fund Run Assembly (Uniform bottoms, Fund Run shirt)
  • May 27th, Memorial Day, No School
  • May 28th, Monday Morning Prayer
  • May 30th, Fund Run t-shirt reveal assembly
  • May 31st, Fund Run
  • June 12th, Field Day and Talent Show
  • June 13th, Last Day of School, Early Release after Mass


Curricular Information:

Math:  We began our last math unit of the school year!  We started geometry, learning about angles, degrees, and angle names.  We also further explored quadrilaterals with geoboards.  We are currently studying this week for our end of the year cumulative test.  The children will bring home their math journals this Friday so they can study over the weekend if they choose to do so.  We will begin taking this test on Monday, May 20th.


Religion:  We read a devotional this week and shared some reflections.  We also prayed intentions during our class prayer circle.  On Thursday, we celebrated chapel mass with the fourth graders.


Science:  Incredible things happened with our butterflies this week!  We actually got to see one come out of its chrysalis and change its color.  This never happens where we get to witness this process!  God is so good and life is amazing!  During our magnetism and electricity unit, we loved lighting up light bulbs and operating motors with our circuits.  Ask your child what we needed to do in order for the lightbulb and motor to work.


Social Studies:  We had the best time on our field trip! We learned so much by watching history in action!  We took our notes and reflections we made while at the Spokane House and turned them into reflection essays.  Look for those soon on our bulletin board in the hall.