April Newsletter

April 1st – 5th
 Spring Break! This week we will be talking about Spring Time!
 SuperTots on Wednesday!
 Art – Spring Crayon Art

April 8th – 12th
 We will continue to talk about Spring and the weather. Where does rain come from?
 We will be doing water coloring and water cycle worksheets.
 SuperTots on Wednesday!

April 15th – 19th
 This week we will be talking about Easter.
 SuperTots on Wednesday!
 Friday we will have a small Easter Egg hunt in our classroom, If your child will be here this day please bring in 6 plastic eggs filled, this way each child will leave with 6 eggs!
 Art – Easter Bunny art

April 22nd – 26th
 April 22nd CLOSED for Easter Monday
 SuperTots on Wednesday!
 This week we will wrap up Easter and finish our projects!

April 29th – May 3rd
 This week we will be talking about Bugs! What are good bugs and what are bad bugs? Which bugs help your garden?
 Art – We will be doing bug projects and artwork!

Health and Nutrition
 Active children with a balanced diet are more capable of learning.
 We would like to incorporate healthy eating into our classroom. We would like to ask parents to donate items on Mondays so we can offer them throughout the week. Here are some ideas:
o Fresh Fruit: bananas, berries, grapes, small apples, cutie oranges etc.
o Fresh Veggies: baby carrots, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, celery, etc.
 Please bring in a water bottle for your child and take home to wash on Fridays!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please call (509) 489-7825 or email us at StAls.BlueJays@gmail.com . Thank you.
Miss Danni & Miss Candy

My name is Danielle but the kids call me Miss Danni. Working with children is my passion. I have worked at St. Aloysius since 2011. I have worked in almost every classroom in the ELC, and Preschool is one of my favorites. I look forward to this year and to watching the children learn and grow!