March 4th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


March 4, 2019


*We are going through accreditation this week (March 5-7).  It is a process we go through every six years so we can be a credited school.  As a staff, we have been preparing for this visit for a year.  We will be visited by a team of people who will evaluate us.  Please welcome the team and say a little prayer for our school.


*We will have GU free dress on Thursday.  Wear a Gonzaga shirt with free dress bottoms.

Students must be in uniform this Wednesday for Ash Wednesday Mass (No free dress passes that day).


*The children will go watch Annie Jr. with the entire school at Gonzaga Prep on the morning March 13th.  Please sign and return the permission slip when it comes home so your child can attend.  We will ride a bus to get to Prep.


*Donations needed:  If you can donate pretzels for those kids who don’t bring a snack, that would be wonderful.  Your sweet children are also creating rubberband bracelets during indoor recess and are going through a bunch of tiny rubberbands.  I have already ordered one replacement bag and they used them all.  If anyone could donate a bag, that would be most appreciated.  We also need sticky notes (the normal square size).  We use a lot of them when we are jotting down our thinking as we read.  Thank you!


*Registration begins on March 11th and registration packets are due by March 25th.  Please make sure your account is in order to register.


*There is another easy way to earn money for our school without doing much extra!  If you make purchases on Amazon, please consider using the site, Amazon Smile (, and choosing St. Aloysius School as your charitable organization of choice.  All you have to do is link your Amazon account to our school at ( and Amazon will donate 5% back to our school for each of your purchases.  You will need to order through the Amazon Smile website instead of the regular Amazon site to receive this donation, but they are very similar and it’s easy to use.  Thank you!


  • Cursive: A double-sided cursive sheet will now be included in the weekly packets.  Please encourage your child to try their best with neat writing. (Due Monday)
  • Math: Double-sided sheet (Due Monday)
  • Math Log: Please continue to have your child practice math facts (especially multiplication facts) each night.  It is so important for them to know their facts quickly. (Due Monday)
  • Reading Log: Please read for 15 minutes each night. (Due Monday)
  • Spelling Words: Test Thursday

Upcoming Events:

  • March 5-7, Accreditation
  • March 6th, 12:15, Ash Wednesday Mass, St. Al’s church, wear uniforms
  • March 7th, GU free dress
  • March 8th, No School, Inservice
  • March 11th, Registration begins
  • March 13th, Annie Jr. field trip
  • March 14th & 15th, 7:00 p.m., Annie Jr. @ Gonzaga Prep
  • March 21st, Lenten Mass at St. Al’s, 10:15
  • March 22nd, Conferences, No School, ELC open
  • March 25th, Registration ends
  • March 28th, Lenten Reconciliation
  • April 1-5, Spring Break, No School, ELC open


Curricular Information:

Math:  We continued learning about measurement by understanding the difference between centimeters and inches.  We enjoyed measuring objects in our room using both measurements.  Look for pictures on my website.  We also did area and perimeter challenges by building rectangles and squares with tiles to find the areas and perimeters.  We compared fractions on a numberline and also determined how many parts it takes to equal wholes (ex:  How many fourths are in 2 wholes?).  We worked on some measurement story problems as well.


Language Arts:  We are going through the writing process of writing our own five paragraph opinion essays.  These will be graded for our upcoming report cards.  We also continued our study of non-fiction text by listening to our inner conversations as we read.  The students jotted down their inner conversations on sticky notes as they read their own non-fiction books.  Ask your child what it means to have an inner conversation.


Religion:  We continued learning the Creed by highlighting unfamiliar words of the second part and writing those words in our dictionaries.  We have now learned the first and second parts using sign language to help us.  We will finish learning the last part this week.  I have attached the Creed to this homework.  Your child is responsible to memorize the Creed and will be tested on it in a few weeks.


Science:  We read some informational text on the life cycle of the mealworms.  We highlighted the main ideas and underlined the supporting details of each paragraph.  This is a skill your children need to know how to do.  We also watched a short video on the life cycle.