Conscious Discipline and S.T.A.R. Breathing

In recent weeks you may have seen and heard more detail from your child’s teacher about the components of the Conscious Discipline program we have been implementing in our classrooms.  Teachers are reframing their language to describe behavior; rather than describing a behavior as “good” or “bad”, we are noting behaviors as “safe” or “unsafe” and helping the children learn to define it this way too.  We have also adopted S.T.A.R. breathing…Smile,Take a deep breath, and Relax as a new skill to help all of us regain composure from a state of upset to a state of calm. Teachers have also identified Safe Places inside the classroom; these are designated areas for kiddos to go to practice calming strategies, to identify current feeling states, choose an activity to calm, and with the teacher’s help find a solution to the problem.  Please don’t hesitate to check in with your child’s teacher about these exciting new developments in our center!