January 28th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


January 28, 2019


*Catholic Schools Week began this Sunday, January 27th and goes through Friday, February 1st.  It was wonderful to see so many of you at Mass!  The following is a detailed list of events.  In honor of Catholic Schools Week, we will not have any homework or spelling words this week.


Monday, January 28th:  Nation Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to wear “hero” theme.  The hero they choose can be fictional or real, or someone they look up to and admire.)


Tuesday, January 29th:  Community Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to dress as your favorite music genre, singer, or song.)  Our canned food drive will also kick-off that day and will go until the following Tuesday, February 5th.


Wednesday, January 30th:  Teacher Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to dress as your future you- future career, job, dream, or goal.)


Thursday, January 31st:  Friends and Family Appreciation Day 

*No Free Dress (Kids must wear uniforms.)

*8:30-9:00- Special People gather in Garco Gym.

*9:00-9:30- Presentation in the gym.

*9:30-9:50- Special People visit classrooms.

*9:55- Walk to Mass

*10:15- Mass begins at St. Aloysius Church

*Please email me ahead of time if your special person is planning on taking your child out to lunch.  I will bring my clipboard to mass if they choose to take your child after church.  They must sign them out with me and can’t leave until they have done so.  I will not allow students to go with their friends unless I have permission from their parents prior to mass.


Friday, February 1st:  Student Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to dress as their favorite movie or tv character.)


Tuesday, February 5th:  Canned food drive ends.


*Our class will lead Monday Morning Prayer on February 4th at 8:40.  Join us if you can!


*Our MAP testing is over and it went well!  Great job to those kids!  They worked hard!


*Another person I would like to thank is Dan Dvorak for building our auction project.  He worked hard on this and it is beautiful!  Thank you Dan!  I so appreciate Bri, Dan, and Kelly for their amazing work on this project!  If you would like to bid on our class project, please join us at the Auction on February 8th.


*Please consider attending our school auction on February 8th at 5:45 in the gym.  All of the money made goes towards helping our students at St. Al’s.  If you wish to go, you can RSVP on line at our website at www.stalsschool.org or call 489-7825.  Thank you!  I hope to see all of you there!


*Homework:  None 😊


Upcoming Events:

  • Catholic Schools Week, January 27-31
  • Special Persons Day and Mass, January 31st
  • Monday, February 4th, 8:40, Third grade leads MMP
  • Auction, Friday, February 8th, 5:45 p.m.
  • February 14th, Valentine’s Party (More info. to come)
  • February 15th, No School, Inservice
  • February 18th, No School, Presidents’ Day


Curricular Information:

Math:  We continued working with subtraction story problems.  We are learning that we need to slow down when solving these problems and look for key information within the problems.  We also continued working on rounding as well as comparing fractions.


Language Arts:  We continued learning about non-fiction features, including glossaries and maps.  We are using these features during our reading groups as we read non-fiction texts.


Religion:  We continued learning about the Holy Spirit.  We read a few articles on the Holy Spirit and learned how to highlight key information in those articles.  We learned that the Holy Spirit comes in many forms and is represented with different symbols.  Me made beautiful Holy Spirit pictures with the symbols represented.  These are on the hall bulletin board.  Come and see!  We also planned and led our third and fourth grade Chapel Mass.  What a wonderful peaceful time for our two grades to come together and celebrate with Mass.