Catholic Schools Week Schedule (January 27th-February 1st)

Hello Everyone,

Catholic Schools Week begins this Sunday, January 27th and goes through Friday, February 1st.  The following is a detailed list of events.  In honor of Catholic Schools Week, we will not have any homework or spelling words next week.

Sunday, January 27th:  Parish Appreciation (This is our time to thank our parish for their annual giving of over $100,000 to our school.  They also support our school with their talents, time, and prayers.  We are very grateful for their support!  Please join us on Sunday for one of the masses at either 8:30 or 11:00.  The students should wear their school uniform and will receive a free dress pass for doing so.  Families are encouraged to wear our school color of red.  I will be at the 8:30 mass.  I hope to see many of you there!

Monday, January 28th:  Nation Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to wear “hero” theme.  The hero they choose can be fictional or real, or someone they look up to and admire.)

Tuesday, January 29th:  Community Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to dress as your favorite music genre, singer, or song.)  Our canned food drive will also kick-off that day and will go until the following Tuesday, February 5th.

Wednesday, January 30th:  Teacher Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to dress as your future you- future career, job, dream, or goal.)

Thursday, January 31st:  Friends and Family Appreciation Day 

*No Free Dress (Kids must wear uniforms.)

*8:30-9:00- Special People gather in Garco Gym.

*9:00-9:30- Presentation in the gym.

*9:30-9:50- Special People visit classrooms.

*9:55- Walk to Mass

*10:15- Mass begins at St. Aloysius Church

*Please email me ahead of time if your special person is planning on taking your child out to lunch.  I will bring my clipboard to mass if they choose to take your child after church.  They must sign them out with me and can’t leave until they have done so.  I will not allow students to go with their friends unless I have permission from their parents prior to mass.

Friday, February 1st:  Student Appreciation Day (Kids have free dress to dress as their favorite movie or tv character.)

Tuesday, February 5th:  Canned food drive ends.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Keri Manfred