Dec. 10-14

MAC news 18

Please send clothes for cold weather, not warm weather gear like I put in our newsletter! I guess I was dreaming of summer!

We will have a fire drill on Tuesday and will be headed outside in the snow or slushy snow.

Report cards went home today along with math papers that I have had. Please take time to look through the math so you can get an idea of the math concepts that we are working on. Number lines are huge right now. Second graders need to be solid in working with an open number line. Please let me know if you feel your child can use more practice. I will happily give you ideas to help at home 🙂

Conversation starters:

What math tub did you work at today?

What is the new social skill for this week? What does it mean?

What are the two surveys we conducted in class? What were the results? What new survey did you make?

Have a wonderful winter week,

Pat Mills