December 3rd Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s
Class News

December 3, 2018

*I just wanted to let you know that Ms. Ginger is graciously helping us with putting together simple costumes for our Christmas program. We are so blessed to have her help us!

*Our first trimester is officially over and the report cards will be sent home on December 10th.

*Please prayerfully consider donating to our school’s Annual Fund. It makes an impact for your children. The first class to have everyone donate will win a free dress pass and pizza/movie party. One donation per family will go towards all of your children. Thank you in advance!

*If you are planning on going on field trips this year, you must be Virtus trained. Watch the volunteer section of the Monday News to see the scheduled Virtus trainings. Please contact Aleisha Webb [email protected] for more information. We will have a big one in the spring that I will need lots of help with. Thank you!

Spelling (Test Friday)
Math Sheet (Due Monday)
Math Log (Due Monday)
Reading Log (Due Monday)

Upcoming Events:
December 6th, Immaculate Conception Mass at church. 10:15 (We will walk over at 9:45 if you would like to join us.)
December 10th, First Trimester Report Cards sent home
December 14th, Ugly Sweater or Sock Day (Uniform Bottoms)
December 18th, Christmas Program, 6:30 p.m., St. Al’s Church
December 19th, Advent Reconciliation
December 19th, Christmas Party, 2:00 (more info. to come)
December 20th-January 2nd, Christmas Break
January 3rd, School Resumes

Curricular Information:
Math: During Math, we have been learning about fractions. We have been comparing fractions on a number line, as well as discovering improper fractions and mixed numbers. We are learning that fractions are simply parts of a whole and we are using the term “out of.” For example, I would rather have 1 out of 4 pieces of the cake than 1 out of 8 pieces of the same cake. If I had 1 out of 8 pieces, my piece would be smaller. We have also been working with lots of arrays in multiplication!

Science: During Science, we looked at our evaporation containers we set up. We discovered that location, heat, enclosed containers, and container size are all factors that affect evaporation. We had a great discussion as we made observations in our science journals.

Religion: We loved teaching Mrs. Croft’s first graders about Mass! Before we invited them in, we had a class discussion about really teaching them and not just reading through our books. I saw some of our students actually showing the little ones how to give each other peace and how to go up for Communion. It was awesome to see! Look for these books to come home soon. I posted some pictures on my website under the “learning” tab. We also painted Jesse Trees this week in preparation of our upcoming Advent Season.

Reading: We continued our learning about comprehension strategies. We learned about annotating what we read, as well as highlighting key information. We read an article about tigers and I modeled writing questions and our thinking in the margins. We had a great discussion about how if we are jotting down our thoughts and questions, we are truly thinking about what we read. I also continued meeting in small groups for guided reading.

Writing: We wrote personal narratives about Thanksgiving Break. We charted some transition words we could use to begin new paragraphs. We also continued to learn about proper and common nouns.