Newsletter November 12th-16th

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


November 13, 2018


*I enjoyed meeting with everyone at conferences.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me each day.  They bring such joy!


*Please send PE shoes for Monday, Tuesday, and Friday each week.  If you wish to leave a pair in the classroom, that is fine too.  I have a bin to store them in.  The children must have tennis shoes in order to participate.  I have them change into clean shoes after recess and before PE.  This just helps Mr. Hanson to keep the gym clean.


*Please note we have a safety protocol that we need people to follow in our parking lot to ensure the safety of our children.  If you park in the lot, please use the designated crosswalk and do not dart across the parking lot into the drive-through pick up lane. We realize this will take more time and is inconvenient, but the safety of your children makes it worth it. We appreciate your cooperation moving forward with this request.


*Please prayerfully consider donating to our school’s Annual Fund.  It makes an impact for your children.  Thank you in advance!


*IF you are planning on going on field trips this year, you must be Virtus trained.  Watch the volunteer section of the Monday News to see the scheduled Virtus trainings.  Please contact Aleisha Webb [email protected] for more information.



  1. Spelling Words (Test next Monday because of short week.)
  2. Reading Log (Kids should be reading 10-15 minutes or more each night.)
  3. Math Log (Kids should be practicing their math facts for at least 10 minutes

each night.  Try and vary this with addition, subtraction, and multiplication.)

  1. Double-sided math sheet (Due Monday)


*If you need time to complete the math or reading log over the weekend, feel free to do so.  As long as the children are doing 4 days a week of reading and math facts, it doesn’t matter to me if they are done Monday-Thursday or worked on over the weekend too.


Upcoming Events:

  • November 14th, Operation Christmas Child items due
  • Wednesday, November 21st, Early Dismissal, 12:00 (ELC closes at 3:00)
  • November 22nd-23rd, Thanksgiving Break
  • November 30th, Picture Retakes


Curricular Information:

Math:  In Number Corner this week we continued to look at the Area Model of Multiplication (arrays).  We are learning that we can multiply the length times the height to get the area of a figure.  During Number Corner, we also began to learn about fractions.  We are comparing fractions (ex. 1/8 < ¼) on a 0 to 1 numberline and soon we will be adding fractions.  We also continued measuring volume of liter and milliliter units.  During our main math lessons, we worked with arrays and learned that multiplication is simply repeated addition.  At home, ask your child to find arrays around the house (ex.  window panes, tile floors, pop cans lined up in a box, water bottles in a box, etc.).


Reading:  We continued adding to our chart of how we can monitor our comprehension since comprehending is the most important part of reading.  I continually tell the children that reading is thinking.  I also listened to some readers read individually to me.


Social Studies:  We reviewed our knowledge of map skills and took a small quiz on map vocabulary.


Writing:  You should have seen a lot of writing come home this week.  We have been writing personal and fictional narratives since the beginning of the school year.  The children chose two of their best pieces to edit and revise using a rubric.  These were shared with you at conferences.


Science:  In Science, we learned about what a meteorologist does and the types of tools they use to predict weather.  We also added words and definitions to our personal dictionaries.


Religion:  We continued learning about the parts of Mass and added to our book.  We also read a fun fact about our Patron Saint, St. Aloysius, as well as we prayed intentions.