Oct. 29-Nov. 2

MAC news 18

We are finishing up our personal safety unit this week. Feel free to discuss with your child what we talked about in class to help keep them safe.

Thank you to Susanne and Becky, our room mom’s, for planning our holiday parties this year!

Also, thank you to Mr. Flanagan (Prep science teacher) for coming in to do spooky Halloween science with MAC class and the 5th grade. Nora and Karolina made great science helpers!

Conversation starters:

Why do leaves change color?

What was your favorite Halloween science experiment and why?

2nd grade: Tell me a sentence using there, T-H-E-R-E and their T-H-E-I-R

1st grade: Play rhyming word games. My pet rhymes with dog can you guess it? My car has something that rhymes with corn  etc…

Happy Halloween!

Pat Mills