October 22nd Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News

October 22, 2018


*You should have received an IRIS school alert on email and your phone last week.  This was a test message sent.  If you did not receive an alert, please let either Mrs. Kelly or Mrs. Webb in the office know so they can add your contact information.  We use the IRIS alert system in case of emergency and we need to send a message quickly to parents.  An example is when we have to close school for snow.


*We will be having an evacuation drill on October 23rd at 9:00 a.m. where we practice evacuating to Fourth Memorial Church down the street.  Once the drill begins, you will not be able to drop off your child until it is over at approximately 10:00 a.m.


*Please consider volunteering at our annual Hallowfest this Friday the 26th.  You can use this as part of your volunteer hours.  If you are interested, please sign up for the 3rd Grade Football Toss booth on Track-It-Forward.  Brianna Barbieri, one of our room parents, has sent you an email with the link.


*On November 1st, we will have the All Saints/All Souls Mass at the church at 12:15.  This is an all Parish Mass.  Third grade is planning this Mass so please plan on joining us if you can.


*Check out the pictures I have posted on our website.  J


*Homework:  It is due by the following Monday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  1. Spelling Words (Test Friday)
  2. Reading Log (Kids should be reading 10-15 minutes or more each night.)
  3. Math Log (Kids should be practicing their math facts for at least 10 minutes

each night.)

  1. Double-sided math sheet

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, October 26th, Hallowfest
  • Wednesday, October 31st, Halloween Party (more info. to come)
  • Thursday, November 1st, All Saints/All Souls Mass, 12:15 at St. Al’s Church
  • November 8th & 9th, Parent/Teacher Conferences, No School
  • November 12th, Veteran’s Day Observed, No School
  • Wednesday, November 21st, Early Dismissal, 12:00
  • November 22nd-23rd, Thanksgiving Break
  • November 30th, Picture Retakes

Curricular Information:

Math:  This week we have focused on using the numberline to add large numbers.  We have learned to break down larger numbers into smaller numbers so we can more easily add.  We also worked on solving story problems and finding key information when reading these problems.  We continued measuring volume as well.  If you have time, please have your child work on counting by tens from different starting points (i.e. 212, 222, 232, 242).



Reading:  We talked about “Distracting Connections” and what happens when we lose our way when we are reading.  We are learning that the whole point of reading is to make meaning so we are learning strategies to use when that meaning breaks down.  I continued to meet daily with reading groups.


Social Studies:  We learned how to read map grids, as well as about longitude and latitude.


Writing:  We continued writing longer stories (both fiction and true) and we had a good discussion on revision this week.  We also talked about how to make our stories more exciting and come to life.  We also continued to study nouns.


Science:  We did an experiment that answered our research question, “How much water can a dry sponge soak up?”  We learned that sponges can soak up a lot more water than their actual weight.  We were able to use our learning that we are doing in math with volume as we weighed these sponges. We wrote our research in our science journals, as well as added vocabulary to our dictionaries.  I posted a few of the pictures from this experiment on my website.


Religion:  We talked all week about Personal Safety.