Week of 10/8-10/12

Hello Families!

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful Saturday. I know my son Flynn and I are definitely excited to be pulling out the rain gear! I can’t wait to hear all about the fun adventures you all had over the weekend on Monday. This past week, your child diagrammed the plot for Maniac Magee, highlighting the climax, falling action, and resolution to the conflict. We also expanded on the types of conflict, both major and minor, and how to distinguish between the two.

On an important behavior note, the 6th grade did have some difficulty this week in the cafeteria, being respectful to the staff, speaking at an appropriate volume, an pounding on the tables. We explored expectations for the lunchroom, discussed how we address adults and each other, and praised the good behavior some of our classmates were already exhibiting. This week, I will be in the cafeteria to to maintain these expectations. If we are unable to meet and exceed our place as lunchroom leaders, the 6th grade will be given a cafeteria seating chart.

I have some exciting things planned for this week, included some important dates listed below:

10/8 Spelling Pre Test for ch 5, words are included  below in the documents section.

Spelling practice page assigned

Literary devices such as foreshadowing will be discussed and identified in Maniac Magee.

Rewrite the ending of Maniac Magee assigned

10/9 Spelling practice page due, Writer’s Choice page 302 Ex 6 assigned, as well as compound subjects and predicates

10/10 Picture Day!!!

Compound subjects and predicates due

10/11 Spelling Game

10:15 All School Mass

New Jerry Spinelli Book assigned, rework of Lit Groups assigned

10/12 Spelling Test

Rewrite of Maniac Magee due

Thank you for sharing your children with me and the rest of St. Al’s!