Pre Algebra Week of 10/1-10/4

Hello Families!

Your mathematicians were busy this week investigating the properties of numbers and simplifying expressions with numbers and variables. This upcoming week, they will create their own expressions and equations from single and multiple step word problems. Additionally, students will be challenged to isolate variables in one step addition and subtraction equations. This concept can be daunting, but I am confident our resilient math students will enjoy the challenge.

Some common mistakes I see when students are isolating variables include:

  • “Other Inverse Error”

Ex: Students want to “subtract” a term to get rid of it, instead of applying the inverse operation.

2x=6; students frequently attempt to subtract the 2 from the x, instead of dividing by the 2.

  • “Deletion Error”

Ex: Students combine unlike terms.

3x-2=7; students attempt to subtract 2 from 3x.

I have sent a study on common algebraic errors in your email. So grab a cup of tea, cuddle up with a soft blanket, and pore over deletion errors! 😀

The next test date for Pre Algebra is Friday, October 12. The date was originally the 11th, but many students will be preparing for the All School Mass during the math period.

Lastly, if you or your mathematician ever have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email.

Thank you for sharing your incredibly talented and entertaining children with St. Als, I am so lucky to have such a great group of kids!