Sept. 24-28



NO RED FOLDERS TODAY (tomorrow 🙂 )

Happy fall!

There will be GLAD homework on Monday which is due Tuesday!

All school Mass is this Thursday at 10:15. Join us if you can!

NO school this Friday. Let ELC know if you need care.

Word list for 1st graders will go home as old ones are returned. If your child can easily read the words, I ask that you help them write complete sentences with nice handwriting. Thanks!

We worked on a puzzle activity last week. Puzzles are great activities to work on at home. I noticed some kids had difficulty work them. Puzzles and dice games are perfect for family time!

Conversation starters:

What is happening in James and the Giant Peach?

Name 2 things that you learned from the process grid. (Insect or mammal)

Mystery Doug: How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

Can you add 60 to 600? 60 to 660?

What is something you do at 3:00 pm and 3:00 am?

Have a great week!

Pat Mills