8th Grade Graduation and Rehearsal

Hello Parents,

Here is a rundown for Thursday:

1.  Arrive at school in uniform.

2.  School prays over 8th graders under the cross on the new building at about 8:40.

3.  Walk to church for rehearsal at about 9:00.

4.  Rehearsal should take about an hour or so.

5.  We are going to take the kids to Froyo after rehearsal.  (Kids have 10 dollars each to spend while we are there because we did not use their 10 dollar activity fee that is paid at the beginning of the year.)

6.  Students will be ready for pick-up at the school by noon.

7.  Students need to return to the church for their Graduation Mass at 4:30.

8.  Mass starts at 5:00.

9.  Dinner will be served at Gonzaga Prep at 6:30.

10.  We will have a check-in table set up at Prep with the number of guests you have paid for.  Please make sure you and your guests stop by and check in with our attendants at the table.

We look forward to sharing in this joyous occasion with you and your family.  We have had a wonderful year full of heart-warming memories.

Blessings to you all!