May 14th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


May 14th, 2018

Important Information:

  • This Wednesday, May 16th, the children in our class can wear free dress.  Thank you to the Higgins family for buying this for our class at the auction!
  • This Friday, children can wear uniform bottoms and Fund Run shirts to school.  We will also have Marian Mass.  If your child wants to bring flowers (1 or 2) to add to our class vase, they can.  We will honor Mary at the Grotto before Mass.  Join us if you can!
  • On Thursday, May 17th at 9:00 a.m., Fund Run triple ticket week is over.  Please continue to gather pledges until Fund Run on June 1st.  Thank you for all you are doing to support this event and our school!
  • Mrs. Krauss wants us to remind you of two things.  The first is that there is a parent survey on line for you to fill out.  Please follow the link that is found in our Monday News.  This survey is important for our accreditation.  Also, please remember to drop off students in the yellow drop off lane only.  It is not safe for them to be dropped off anywhere else in our lot.  Thank you!
  • The children have been practicing the Apostles’ Creed daily in class.  This is the main prayer that they need to have memorized this year.  I will be testing them individually on this prayer on Monday, May 21st.  I will test a few kids each day by having them say it to me.  They will only need to know the words and not the signs that we have learned.  They are more than welcome to do both if they feel they are ready.
  • Homework this Week:
  1. Math and Reading Logs
  2. Math Sheet
  3. Cursive Practice
  4. Spelling Words (Test Friday)


Upcoming Events:

  • May 16th, Class Free Dress
  • May 17th, 9:00 a.m., Triple ticket week is over
  • May 18th, Marian Mass, 10:15 at church
  • May 18th, Fund Run Assembly, Uniform bottoms and Fund Run Shirts
  • May 21st, Creed testing begins
  • May 28th, No School, Memorial Day
  • June 1st, Fund Run
  • June 13th, Talent Show & Field Day
  • June 14th, Last Day (Mass at 9:00 and dismissal after Mass)


Curricular Information:

Math:  We spent time working on division and multiplication by building arrays with tiles.   We also continued to explore area of odd figures, as well as equivalent fractions, and telling time.  The children got their unit 4 tests back.  I went over them individually with every student.


Writing:  We continued with our fairy tale narrative adaptations as well as learning cursive.  We also reviewed and took a grammar quiz on nouns and pronouns.  We have been working specifically on possessives and plurals.


Religion:  We learned all about the Rosary!  We learned that by saying it, we are saying a devotion to Mary.  It is like our gift to her!  We looked at my Rosary app on the projector and learned how to say the Rosary, as well as what the Mysteries are and what the beads mean.  This week we also continued our study of the Sacraments by learning about Confirmation.


Science:  We loved learning about a simple circuit!  Each table group was able to use a battery and wires to light up a light bulb.  It was a fun experiment with some great learning!  When we were finished, we were able to answer our exploration question, as well as add vocabulary to our Cognitive Content Dictionary.