May 7th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


May 7th, 2018


Important Information:

  • We are going to the Living Rosary on Thursday.  Your child can bring a Rosary from home.  Otherwise, I have Rosaries here to use.
  • The children have been practicing the Apostles’ Creed daily in class.  This is the main prayer that they need to have memorized this year.  I will be testing them individually on this prayer on Monday, May 21st.  I will test a few kids each day by having them say it to me.  They will only need to know the words and not the signs that we have learned.  They are more than welcome to do both if they feel they are ready.  I have attached a copy of the Creed to the packet for them to practice at home.
  • Homework this Week:
  1. Math and Reading Logs
  2. Math Sheet
  3. Cursive Practice
  4. Spelling Words (Test Thursday)


Upcoming Events:

  • May 10th, Living Rosary, 10:15 at church
  • May 11th, No School, Inservice Day
  • May 18th, Marian Mass, 10:15 at church
  • May 21st, Creed testing begins
  • May 28th, No School, Memorial Day
  • June 1st, Fund Run
  • June 13th, Talent Show & Field Day
  • June 14th, Last Day (Mass at 9:00 and dismissal after Mass)


Curricular Information:

Math:  We reviewed for our unit math test.


Writing:  We continued writing our narratives based on Fairytales.  The children have been having so much fun writing these!


Religion:  We came up with the Prayers of the Faithful for our Chapel Mass.  We also practiced for our Mass.



Social Studies:  We discussed the Jesuit influence on the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.  We learned about the Jesuit missionaries (Fr. De Smet and Fr. Cataldo).  We learned about the Cataldo Mission and how Fr. Cataldo started Gonzaga University.  If your family has never visited the Cataldo Mission in Idaho (just passed Coeur d’Alene on I-90), I suggest going there as a family outing.  You get to visit the Mission and there is a museum on site.  Take a picnic if you are going in the summer!


Science:  We explored more with magnetism by doing experiments measuring the magnetic force and also by using compasses.