April 16th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


April 16th, 2018


Important Information:

  • We are heading on a bus field trip to the Spokane House on Wednesday, April 18th.  We will be gone most of the day that day.  I’m excited to take the children there because we have studied during our Spokane Native American unit about how it began as a fur trapping trading post in the 1800’s.  I sent home permission slips last week with the homework packet.  Sign and return them ASAP so your child can go.  Please let me know if you would like to come with us.  Also, your child needs to bring a disposable sack lunch on the field trip.
  • Capital Campaign pledge forms went home last week.  If you are able, please consider making a pledge to finish our new building.  We are grateful for your continued support of our school!
  • Children may wear shorts to school now.  J
  • We had a yo-yo assembly on Friday.  An order form for yo-yos went home last week if you would like to order one.
  • Please continue to collect Boxtops for Education.  Thank you!
  • Homework this Week:
  1. Math and Reading Logs
  2. Math Sheet
  3. Cursive Practice
  4. Spelling Words (Test Friday)


Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, April 18th, Fieldtrip to The Spokane House
  • Friday, April 20th, Family Dance, 6:00-8:00p.m.
  • Thursday, April 26th, Easter Mass, 10:15
  • April 30th, Third Grade Monday Morning Prayer
  • May 3rd, Class Mass with 2nd and 4th grades
  • May 10th, Living Rosary, 10:15 at church
  • May 11th, No School, Inservice Day
  • May 18th, Marian Mass, 10:15 at church
  • May 28th, No School, Memorial Day

Curricular Information:

Math:  We explored measurement story problems.  We learned that when it says “times,” we multiply.  (For example:  He has 4 times the amount.)  We also learned that when we are multiplying large numbers, we can use the repeated addition strategy.  (For example:  4 x 398 can be solved by adding 398 + 398 + 398 + 398)  They will learn the standard algorithm for multiplying larger numbers next year.  This week we really explored fractions!  We looked at equivalent fractions on number lines and were able to compare them using the symbols > < =.  We also folded paper fraction to see the equal parts and how we add them up to make a whole.


Writing:  We wrote opinion pieces on why our spring break was fun.  We also wrote more cursive this week.


Religion:  We began to learn about the seven Sacraments.  We are beginning with the Sacraments of Initiation.  We started with Baptism this week and learned about God’s Grace within us.


Social Studies:  We had so much fun learning about how Spokane got its name, who Chief Garry was, about our neighboring Nez Perce tribe, and how teepees are made.  The children are soaking up knowledge!  We had fun making teepees out of sugar cones and frosting and of course eating them!