Week of 4/16/18

Hello Families!

This month seems to be flying by! I have some important announcements about the fun and exciting things your children will be doing in the coming weeks.

On April 24th, the 6th grade will be embarking on the 6th Grade Retreat at the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center. Students will need to bring a snack and sack lunch. We are also in need of parent drivers.  The Driver Request Form is available in the documents section below. Permission slips as wells driver request forms are going home today with your child. Please return them by 4/20/2018. Thank you for making this retreat possible!

On May 3rd, the 5th and 6th grades will be exploring the Jundt Museum’s Pop! And Beyond. A permission slip will be coming soon.

In the coming weeks, the 6th grade will be starting their Family Life Unit. A family letter is in the documents below and will be sent home today with your child. Please return family letter signed, indicating your preference for your child’s participation in the unit. There will be an alternate lesson for students who opt out of the Family Life Unit.


4/17: Students have a grammar quiz. The quiz will cover:

-simple and compound subjects and predicates

-sentence fragments

-sentence types

-structure types

4/20: Students will have a Lesson 32 Spelling Test.


4/18: Students will have a religion quiz on Unit II of Christ Our Life. The quiz will cover:

-Genealogy and stories from Abraham to Joseph

-Promises from God

Humanities: Students are reading Where the Red Fern Grows and working on associated vocabulary:

Allotted, aromatic, canebrakes, commotion, dormant, drastic, dumbfounded, festered, muster, provisions, quavering, sheen, sparsely, squalling

4/19: Students will have a reading and vocabulary quiz on chapters 1-5

Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me, and have a wonderful weekend!

Katie Girardot Putnam