Tigers Weekly Newsletter April 2-April 6th

Tigers News for the week of April 2-6, 2018


Hello Tigers families!

Next week we will talk about our Easter celebrations and learn about letter ‘Kk’. We will add kite shapes to our art center and for a science project we will explore kiwi!

Has your child talked to you about our egg experiment? Lots of creative thinking around the egg that was placed in vinegar!

Tiger’s class Early Achievers visit happened on Wednesday, with observations of teachers. Lots of teacher/child conversations! We did a small group project focused around a black feather that was found out on the playground. Our research leads us to believe it may have come from a seagull, eagle, or crow. We ruled out robin!

This week,  Miss Kim will be in the classroom Monday thru Friday, along with Miss Emily.

Happy spring!

Miss Kim, Miss Emily and Miss Karen