8th grade information

Hello parents!

What a busy time this is for 8th graders.  Here are a few items for you to be aware of:

1.  Please look over the Hero Project Key Dates and please sign the bottom of the page.  This will be entered as a grade.  We want to make sure you see all of the important dates for this project.  Please encourage your student to read their book over Spring Break.

2.  Stations of the Cross will take place on Friday at St. Aloysius Church at 10:15.  Please join us if you can.  We often see such amazing growth and grace from our 8th graders as they share this moving story.  We will practice all morning on Thursday.

3.  Rice Bowls are due by the end of this week.  Please have your child bring their Rice Bowl to school.

4.  Butter braids will be delivered on Thursday, March 29th, and will be ready for pick-up after school.  Please remember to get your order.  We do not have freezer space to store them for you.

5.  We will host a family dance as our final fundraiser on Friday, April 20th.  More information will be coming about this event.  Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

6.  We will have one more parent meeting sometime at the end of April to discuss our class trip, Hero Presentations, and graduation.  I will let you know when we get back from Spring Break what the date will be for this meeting.


Missy Dixon

Michael Barfield