Feb. 20-23



This week a permission slip went home for the play Honk! We are excited to see it! Both Tierney and Ms. King have parts. This will be a treat! Please note this in an extra fieldtrip so there will be a $6 fee for each student.

We will be packing food for the food insecure in Spokane on Thursday from 12:40-1:40. Stop by the school if you would like to see us in ACTION!

Our community service project information will be going home next Monday. Our class presentations will be sometime during the week of March 12-16th. I am looking forward to this heartwarming lesson in compassion.

Conversation starters:

What experiment did you do in science?

What is a growth mindset?

What is happening in your chapter book Valentine Cat?

Have a warm week 🙂

Pat Mills