Social Justice Project

Hello Families!

This is my favorite time of year as we move into Lent, preparing ourselves for the Resurrection of Jesus. It is so aptly timed with the weather being so cold! We get to think of the excitement of Spring, the days getting (slowly) longer, and the reflection that comes with the landscapes awakening!

During this time, the 6th Grade is working on their Social Justice Project. The project will need a lot of support as this is the first year our 6th graders are doing an individual project as opposed to the class wide efforts made in elementary school. Students need to pick their placements by Friday. A list of placements is available in the documents below.

Within this project, students will be presenting their work through a speech. Informal polls have informed me that the students are a little nervous about speaking in front of their peers, so any practice and encouragement you can give them as we get closer to the speech dates (March 27 and 28) would be greatly appreciated!!!

The due dates are as follows:

Service Project location selection: 2/23

Complete your service: 3/16

Speech Outline: 3/20

Presentation: 3/27-28

Reflection: 3/29

I am very excited to watch as your children’s hearts expand through service! These projects help our kiddos see the world from another perspective and ignite the spirit of service as well!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and thank you for sharing your children with me!