Weekly Newsletter


February 20, 2018

Dear Parents and Second Graders,

We will not have a homework packet this week because of the Dinosaur Projects.  All projects are due this Thursday, Feb. 22nd.  We will not have a spelling test on Friday.  However, please return the red folder by Friday.  Also, remember the Silverwood Reading Program log is due Friday, March 2.

We are learning and reviewing many concepts.  In math we are adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping, reviewing basic addition and subtraction facts and working on problem solving strategies.  In spelling and phonics we are reviewing long vowel sounds, consonant blends, singular and plural word forms, suffix endings (ed,ing,s), contractions, homophones, antonyms and synonyms.  In reading we are learning about nonfiction text with emphasis on “who, what, when, where, why” questions.  We also completed a unit on Spanish!  We love our computer lab time and IPAD time in the classroom.

A special thank you to Grace Graham’s grandparents, Pat and Teresa Kunz for providing materials and helping students make the beautiful Valentine gifts.  Also thank you to all the parents who provided goodies and helped with our Valentine party.


Mrs. Diane Weber