Feb. 5-9

Thanks for all of you who helped with the auction in any way! It was so fun to show off our new gym and gather with friends!

The Red Folder was packed full today. Some papers were left in the classroom so if your child is missing any homework (math and language arts) or Valentine items they may be here.

Next Tuesday is our class Valentine party. We will have 3 fun activities planned during the day. We will be meeting with our 5th grade pen pals and sharing a snack. I am looking for a couple of volunteers to make sugar cookie cut outs. I have the cookie cutter. We will celebrate FAT Tuesday with a King cake and some Mardi Gras stories. Our class party will be at 2:15. The bags that went home need to be returned on Monday packed with goodies. Please contact me with any questions. We won’t need any other supplies for the party. Valentines can be brought to school either Monday or Tuesday. We will have Ash Wed. Mass the folllowing day at the church.

Don’t forget to read for Reading is the Ticket!

We are having a math night on 2/13 and would love to see you.

I will be gone this Friday but Ms. King will be my sub!

Conversation starters:

Have your child tell you a math story problem like the ones we are doing with our calendar.

What is happening in our book Valentine Cat?

How is mad minute going?

What is a sedimentary rock? Igneous rock?

Do you remember the poem about a pencil sharpener? Can you say the poem?

Have a great week!

Pat Mills