Tigers Weekly Newsletter January 22-26th


Tigers Family information for the week of Jan. 22nd-26th, 2018

Next week the Tigers will be learning all about letter “Gg”. Our focus will be on green, grey, gumballs, Goldilocks, and Grandparents!

Math: We will do a fun gumball machine craft where we will count how many gumballs will fit into our gumball machine.

Science/Nature: We will be learning about glaciers where glaciers are and how they form.  We will make a fun glacier goo project.

Faith Focus:  Our faith focus will be about how friends of Jesus pray together.

Stories: Our stories for this week will be Grandparents song, Silas’ Seven Grandparents, Our Grandparents a Global Album, Hooray for Grandparents Day, Lots of Grandparents.

Special Activities/Dates to remember:  St. Al’s Auction. Our Auction is on February 2. You can purchase tickets at the school or on the school website www.stalsschool.org.  We hope to see everyone there!

Miss Kim will be on vacation Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the following Monday.

Miss Emily will also be absent on Tuesday and  Wednesday.

Thank you for letting us foster your child’s learning,

Miss Kim, Miss Emily and Miss Karen.