Tigers Weekly Newsletter January 15-19th

Tigers Weekly Newsletter January 15-19th


Closures: We will be closed on January 15th in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

Themed Activities:  We will be making our own X-rays, and making our own xylophones.

Letter of the week: This week we will be focusing on letter Xx with a focus on xylophones, x-rays, x marks the spot.

Math:   We will be making letter x patterns, and counting how many patterns we can make with the letter x.

Science/Nature: We will be discussing X-rays. We will talk about what X-rays are used for, and why people get X-rays.

Faith Focus: Our faith focus is about how we pray every day.

Writing/Literacy: We will focus on words such as xylophone, x-ray, x marks the spot.

Stories: Our stories this week will be my mom has x-ray vision, xanders panda party, and pirate treasure hunt.

Special Activities/Dates to remember:  Super tots is coming back to our program. If you are interested in having your child participate please sign up with us and register online. Please have your child signed up by January 19th.

Auction: Our annual school auction is on February 2, 2018. You can purchase tickets on the school website. www.stalsschool.org. You can also purchase tickets at the school office. We hope to see everyone there.

If you have any extra pants that you are willing to donate we would greatly appreciate it! We would like any extra pants in sizes 2T to 6T.

Thank you for allowing us to foster your child’s learning.

Miss Kim, Miss Emily and Miss Karen