Jan. 8-12



Welcome back to a full week of school!

Our school is full of excitement as we build up to the Auction on Feb. 2nd in our new gym!

We are still accepting donations! It will be a wonderful community event. I look forward to seeing lots of you there 🙂

The book order is due this Friday. The online code is DZQ4M. Online or checks only please.

Heads up that the math homework will be a challenge for some students. We have worked on these skills but it may take some time. Thank you for working with you child.

Conversations starters:

What is Humphrey up to in your class chapter book?

Why is January the first month of the year?

What different ways can we use water?

Where can we find water?

How do you make a pizza?

Remember, no school next monday.

Have a wonderful week,

Pat Mills