Merry Christmas!

This month our Leadership class has been reflecting on what it means to be a leader. Each student had time to reflect on their own strengths and areas that need some attention and get input from me. We recognized we all have something to offer our group and our school and when we work together it benefits all. Recently, we partnered up with the younger classes to assist them in completing the Hour of Code. Students all across the nation learned about coding through The chance to mentor others was a great example of their leadership abilities. We have watched some Ted Ed talks on skills that are beneficial for those in leadership roles, in particular, how to have a good conversation. Listening is an important aspect to have good communication and something we can all work to do better. We are going to share some Christmas joy with our neighbors at O’Malley Hall this week with cookies and games and are gearing up for our Generation Alive kickoff assembly in January. Never a dull moment! Have a very Merry Christmas and look forward to serving our community in the New Year!