Dec. 4-8


Homework this week is a creating a book about matter. There is no other homework other than reading. The books are due on Friday.

Just an FYI regarding the Christmas program. The MAC class will sing one song as a class and another song they will be joining the other classes of their grade. The first graders will join Mrs. Zener’s and the second graders will join Mrs. Weber’s class.

A couple of emails went out regarding our Christmas/farewell party. Please let me know if you did not get these emails.

The Christmas program is Dec. 13th. Please have your child to me at 6:15 in our meeting spot. There will be no adult supervision in our meeting area before 6:15.

Conversation starters:

From Mystery Doug: How is chocolate made?

What question do you want to ask Mystery Doug?

In the class survey at Number Corner, what color does the class like most? What color did you like most?

What is the name of the new chapter book for the class read-a-loud?

What did you do at Monday Morning Prayer that was different?