Oct. 30-Nov. 3


No GLAD homework

There has been a change to our Academy fieldtrip. Some of the residents have the flu. The director has chosen to cancel which of course we totally understand. We will walk over to Gonzaga to sing our songs at Hemmingson Center and return for our party. Please send costume as planned.

If you need to make a change with conferences please contact Mrs. Kelly.

Thanks for encouraging your child do and turn in their homework. Just a reminder, please read with your child every night. I see tons of progress with kiddos who read at home regularly!

Conversation starters:

When building your haunted house, did you stick to your plan you sketched? What was your favortite part?

Do vampire bats really suck blood?

What is your favorite bee you learned about?

How is a bumble bee different from a honey bee?

What level of mad minute are you on? How is it going?

Happy Halloween!

Pat Mills