October 23rd Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


October 23, 2017

Important Information:

  • We have two room parents this year:  Rachel Kalous and Lois James.  I appreciate these women doing this for us!  Please look for an email from them about signing up for donating food  and volunteering at our class Halloween Party as well as for volunteering at the Hallowfest booth.  We need your help with both events.
  • Our sweet class is in charge of the All Saints/All Souls Mass at the church on Wednesday, November 1st at 12:15.  We would love for you to join us if you can!
  • We use a lot of post-it notes in class.  If you are able to donate the regular yellow square post-its, we would appreciate them!
  • Homework this Week (packet due Friday):
  1. Math Facts Log (Your child should practice math facts each day for at least 10 minutes each night).
  2. Reading Log: (A good rule of thumb is to read 20 minutes a day.  This can be done at night in bed if that works for your child.  If your child is an emergent reader, he/she should read to you or another adult.)
  3. Math Problems (two-sided)
  4. Spelling: test on Friday 

Upcoming Events:

  • October 26th, 3rd & 4th grade Chapel Mass
  • October 27th, Hallowfest, 5:00 p.m.
  • October 31st, Halloween Party, 2:00-3:00
  • November 1st, All Saints/All Souls Mass, 12:15 at the church (Third grade is planning this.  We would love to have you join us!)
  • November 8th & 9th, Conferences, No School
  • November 10th, No School, Honoring Veteran’s Day
  • November 22nd, Early Release, 12:00
  • November 23rd & 24th, Thanksgiving Break
  • November 27th, 8:40-9:00, Monday Morning Prayer (Third Grade is planning this.  Join us if you can.)

Curricular Information:

Math:  This week we worked on a lot of story problems.  We also began reviewing for our test this week.  On Tuesday, we began guided math groups with Mrs. Dvorak and myself.  During guided math, we are able to pull small groups of children to work on skills while the others are doing centers.  We will try to do this once a week.


Writing:  We continued to talk about how to write paragraphs.  We also learned about the different kinds of sentences (command, exclamation, question, and statement).


Religion:  We finished Personal Safety.  We also began learning about the parts of the Mass.


Science:   We continued to learn about density, sinking and floating.


Social Studies:  We learned about the parts of the globe (hemisphere, equator, prime meridian, longitude, and latitude).


Reading:   We continued learning about fix-up strategies for when our meaning breaks down.  We also did some whole group word work on whiteboards.  We looked at a few spelling patterns during this time.  Every day I continue to pull groups of readers for guided practice during our independent reading time.