Tigers Weekly Newsletter October 23-27th


Tigers Class Family News the week of October 23-October 27th


Themed Activities: Making horses out of our own hand prints. Making our own homes and learning about how to be healthy.

Letter of the Week: Our letter focus will be on the letter Hh. With a focus on Halloween, Heaven, Harvest, Healthy, Home, Hands, Honey, and Harmony. We will be creating a list on what our bodies need to be healthy.

Math:  We will be working on counting with pumpkin seeds and spider counters.

Science/Nature: We will be carving a pumpkin. Using some of our five senses we will be touching what is inside the pumpkin, seeing what color it is, talking about what is made with pumpkins that we can taste, we will talk about things that we can smell with a pumpkin, we will talk about what is inside of a pumpkin, and what you can make with pumpkins. To do this project we would like two donated pumpkins.

Faith Focus: Our faith focus will be about how God made the world.

Writing/Literacy:  We will practice writing words that start with the letter H. Horse, House, Harvest, Heavy, Hippo, Hero, and Human.

Stories:  Our stories this week will be Crazy Hair Day, and This Is My House

Dramatic Play: Thank you to parents who have donated unused Halloween costumes. If you have anything to donate we would greatly appreciate it.

Special Activities:  If you would like to sign up to bring treats to our Harvest Party on October 31st please do so. Some of these treats could be cutie oranges, cupcakes, small water bottles, fruit or veggie trays.

Dates to remember: October 31st is our class Harvest party. Time TBD.

Reminders: Please remember to take your child’s bedding home on Fridays each week to wash. Also, please remember bring your Childs bedding back on Monday. We do need extra sheets or blankets if you have any to donate.

Thank you for allowing us to foster your child’s learning.

Miss Emily, Miss Kim, and Miss Karen.