Tigers Classroom Newsletter October 16-20th

Tigers class family news Week of October 16th-October 20th


Themed Activities: We will be creating an Ocean scene with salt.  This scene will help explain to the children that salt water is in the ocean. We will also be doing a graphing activity where we graph different animals that live in the ocean. We will also be look at  ocean temperatures that different animals live in.

Letter of the Week:  Our letter for the week is letter “O”. We will be focusing on the words October, Orange, Owl, Ocean, and One. We will talk about the Ocean and where animals’ homes in the ocean are. We will also do a classroom scavenger hunt of things that start with the letter O and brainstorm a list of words that begin with the letter O.

Math: We will be counting animals that live in the ocean, counting the food the animals eat and places where the ocean animals live.

Science/ Nature:  We will learn about protecting our oceans, and predicting whether animals survive in cold or warm water in Oceans.

Faith Focus: We are kind. Jesus tells us to show our love for one another. Jesus tells us to be kind.

Writing/Literacy: We will be writing letter “O” words and we will be writing about what creatures live in the ocean.

Stories: Our stories for this week are Rainbow Fish and Rainbow Fish to the rescue

Dramatic Play: Please keep donating unwanted costumes to our housekeeping area. Thank you to parents who have already contributed.

Dates to Remember: On Thursday October 19th, we will be going on a field trip to Green Bluff. We will be leaving at 9:30 please have your child here by 9:00, so they can be counted. The cost of the field trip is $10.00. We will be returning to our classroom at 11:30. Please let us know if your child is not scheduled on Thursdays, and would like to attend the field trip. We may be able to accommodate the request.

Thank you for letting us foster your child’s learning

Miss Kim, Miss Emily, and Miss Karen.