Newsletter October 9th

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News

October 9, 2017



Important Information:

  • During Religion time for the next two weeks, we will be covering information from our VIRTUS lessons. VIRTUS is the Diocesan personal safety curriculum. Our lessons will include: touching safety, safe adults, and risky adults. We will be having discussions, as well as short activities. This is the same personal safety program that the students completed in 2nd Grade, however it has some added content for the 3rd Grade.
  • MAP testing went well!  The children seemed to enjoy going to the technology lab to complete their tests.  J
  • Thanks for the donations for the Hygiene Drive!
  • Our class won the Box Top competition for the month of September!  Keep up the good work!
  • If you think of it, will you please save your paper towel rolls?  We will need them for a project later this year.  Feel free to send them in any time.  Thanks!
  • We also use a lot of post-it notes in class.  If you are able to donate the regular yellow square post-its, we would appreciate them!
  • Homework this Week (packet due Friday):
  1. Math Facts Log (Your child should practice math facts each day for at least 10 minutes each night).
  2. Reading Log: (A good rule of thumb is to read 20 minutes a day.  This can be done at night in bed if that works for your child.  If your child is an emergent reader, he/she should read to you or another adult.)
  3. Math Problems (two-sided)
  4. Spelling: Please practice the words on the list for the test on Friday.


Upcoming Events:

  • October 11th, Individual Picture Day
  • October 20th, No School, Teacher Inservice
  • October 26th, 3rd & 4th grade Chapel Mass
  • October 27th, Hallowfest
  • October 31st, Halloween Party (more info. to come)
  • November 1st, All Saints/All Souls Mass, 12:15 at the church (Third grade is planning this.  We would love to have you join us!)

Curricular Information:

Math:  This week we began to study shapes during number corner.  We also began a unit on measuring.  We explored measurement with a scavenger hunt in our room to find measurements in centimeters.  On Thursday we added those measurements together using strategies for adding larger numbers.


Writing:  We learned how to add transition words to our writing.  We also learned about subjects and predicates in sentences.


Religion:  We read a passage from the book of Sirach.  After the reading, we had a good discussion about what it means to praise and how we praise God.  We also went to our second all school Mass with our first grade buddies.


Science:   We collected nature outside to use in an experiment.  We explored what happens outdoors when rain falls on natural materials.


Reading:   We continued to explore the comprehension strategies of having inner conversations, asking questions, and using our schema.  We used post-its to write our thinking down.  We also learned about cross-checking during reading by stopping our reading when the words don’t sound right or look right.