No GLAD homework.

Wednesday is picture day. Our class is scheduled to go at 10:25. Either a school uniform or “picture perfect free dress” can be worn. Keep in mind, we do have PE at 10:50.

First grade homework: I have highlighted the bottom portion of the homework. Please help your child with this writing portion. I have lined paper if you want me to send some home.

Mad Minute: This is our program for math fact fluency. I am trying something new this year. Students work towards small rewards. Once the plus 1’s,2’s,0’s and 10’s have been mastered they will have completed level one. There are 5 levels total. Your child is welcome to bring home practice sheets. I am looking for donations for the program. I need small bags of prepopped popcorn (usually available around Halloween), juice boxes, and fruit roll-ups. I only need 21 of each. Thanks!

I am needing lots of woodscraps for a project. If you have anyone who can cut triangles, squares, and rectangles. Let me know. I will put a picture of the sizes I need in our class picture gallery. I will also need 12 x 12 inch squares for the base.

Conversation starters:

What is happening in Marty McGuire?

How can you have good teamwork with your classmates?

What small moment are you writing in Writer’s Workshop? What did Inga write about?

What is the new math tub that you learned last week?

Blessings this wonderful autumn week!

Pat Mills