Newsletter October 2nd

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News

October 2, 2017


It’s hard to believe that it’s October already!


Important Information:

  • The children are doing the MAP testing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week.  We are using the new technology room to test and are testing in small chunks of time so that they can have a break.  It’s going well so far!
  • The Hygeine Drive was extended until this Wednesday the 4th.  Thanks for the donations!!!
  • Mrs. Krauss asked us to remind parents that if students are not picked up out in the parking lot by 3:15, then they will be checked into aftercare.  We don’t have any adult supervision beyond that time out there and we want them to be safe.
  • Please save your Box Tops!  The race is on to collect as many as we can.  You can send them with your child and we will turn them in.  Those Box Tops will give money back to our school.  Thanks!
  • I haven’t sent many emails out as a group since we seemed to have had so many issues with people receiving them.  I will still periodically send emails.  I will mainly post information on my website and send notices home in the red folders.  Check out our website.  It’s full of pictures of your children!
  • If you think of it, will you please save your paper towel rolls?  We will need them for a project later this year.  Feel free to send them in any time.  Thanks!
  • Math Fact Practice Ideas:

*Play Yahtzee together.  Thank you to Gabriel’s family for this idea.

*Use the “Mental Math” app.

*Use the “Speed Math” app.

*Have your child do  It’s a free website that when you sign up as a parent, you can get progress reports on your child’s math skills.  I started my own son on this site.

  • Homework this Week (packet due Friday):
  1. Math Facts Log (Your child should practice math facts each day for at least 10 minutes each night).
  2. Reading Log: (A good rule of thumb is to read 20 minutes a day.  This can be done at night in bed if that works for your child.  If your child is an emergent reader, he/she should read to you or another adult.)
  3. Math Problems (two-sided):

Here’s an explanation of a few of the problems:

*In problem 6, think about what the answers in problem 5 have in common.  That would be your answer for problem 6.

*The children learned that a “difference” is the answer to a subtraction problem.

  1. Spelling: Please practice the words on the list for the test on Friday.

Upcoming Events:

  • October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th MAP testing
  • October 3rd, Blessing of the Animals, 2:30
  • October 4th, GU Nurses Re-Screening
  • October 5th, Ordinary Time Mass, 10:15 at the church (We will be walking with our first grade buddy class.  If you would like to join us for Mass, please be here by 9:50 to walk over with us.  You can also meet us at the church if you like.)
  • October 11th, Individual Picture Day
  • October 20th, No School, Teacher Inservice
  • October 26th, 3rd & 4th grade Chapel Mass
  • October 27th, Hallowfest
  • October 31st, Halloween Party (more info. to come)
  • November 1st, All Saints/All Souls Mass, 12:15 at the church (Third grade is planning this.  We would love to have you join us!)


Curricular Information:

Math:  This week we learned a couple new addition and subtraction games.  We also practiced our math strategies of making ten and using doubles.  We used those strategies as well as some others to solve some story problems.


Writing:  We explored using dialogue and action words in our lead paragraphs.


Religion:  We read about and acted out the story of how God chose King David.  We also went to our first all school Mass with our first grade buddies.  We were excited to be the older kids who helped our first grade friends.


Social Studies:  We learned what a compass rose is on a map.  We played a fun game where we had to move to the direction that was called.  We also added a compass rose to our personal maps.  Those are now hanging in the hall for you to see.


Science:   We used a balance scale to weigh sponges soaked in water.  Through this experiment, we learned about the unit of a gram.  We also discovered that the sponge was heavier when it was wet.  On Friday we went to the cafeteria and did a fun cooperative learning Stem activity with Mrs. Croft’s 4th graders.


Reading:   We learned that when we read, we should have inner conversations in our heads.  We can ask questions when we read as well as we can make connections and access our schema.  We also started our reading groups this week.  On Thursday afternoon, we read with our first grade buddy class.